Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thai Chicken & Coconut Soup

I picked up this recipe while travelling through Thailand. It's an authentic and classic Thai dish (Tom Kha Gai) that everyone will enjoy. There's a real delicate balance between the lemon grass, coconut and lime, which is unmistakably Thai. Simple, tasty and delicious.

Top tip: If you can't find Kaffir lime leaves, a couple of strips of regular lime peel will suffice.

Serves 2


Chicken Breast - 1
Galangal - 2cm nub
Kaffir Lime Leaves - 2
Oyster Mushrooms - 2
Lemon Grass - 5cm
Garlic - 2 cloves
Shallots - 2
Fish Sauce - 2 tbsp
Coconut Milk - 600mls
Sugar - 1 tsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Lime Juice - 1 tbsp

1. Peel the galangal and slice thinly. Rip up the Kaffir lime leaves and slice the lemon grass into long thin slices, and then in half. Peel and crush (not chop) the garlic and shallots.

2. Slice the chicken fillet thinly into about 1/2cm width strips, and cut in half again. Roughly slice the mushrooms, but leave them quite chunky.

3. Pour the coconut milk into a wok, and heat until boiling. Add the sliced galangal and cook for a further minute on a medium heat.

4. Add the Kaffir lime leaves, mushrooms, garlic, and shallots and heat until the smell of the herbs comes through.

5. Add the sliced chicken and cook until the meat turns white. Then add the fish sauce, sugar and salt and stir in. Keep cooking until the chicken is done.

6. Just before serving add the lime juice, mix thoroughly. You may want to remove the lemon grass as it is inedible!

Serve with prawn crackers, my Sesame Prawn Toast and some sweet chilli sauce dip.


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  2. Oh this is delicious!We had this at a restaurant once and it was really good.Im so glad you have a recipe for it.Thanks for the tip about what to use in place of kaffir leaves.

  3. This "Thai Chicken and Coconut soup" is the perfect dish on a cold day! Anything coconut sounds great to me, but this is a recipe that i must try! -Ashley, Dress My Cupcake (