Favourite Gadgets

I will warn you - I'm a sucker for a shop that sells kitchenware! There are some gadgets that I think are just genius, and I wouldn't dream of cooking without them.

Burger Press

This little plastic burger press is perfect for making the quintessential BBQ burger!
It comes with wax covered paper discs to separate your burgers, and makes them look really professional.

Price: less than a fiver

Garlic Crusher

This saves your hands from stinking of garlic, and gives you really tiny bits, far finer than you can slice. You wont find any chunks of garlic in your dish!

Price: £5 upwards - if you can get one with a removable crushing basket, it's easier to clean!

Gravy Separator

Such a pleasing gadget - perfect gravy every time!

There's nothing more disappointing than making your best gravy, and having your guests pour the top layer of oil all over their food instead.

Price: £4 upwards - though get a big one!


Singularly the best way to cook any vegetable! Comes with a basket, so I recommend steaming small potatoes with a sprig of rosemary. Also, takes the faff out of making my Sticky Toffee Chocolate Steamed Pudding!

Price: £30-50

Baking Beans

Baking beans are one of those kitchen accessories that always made me wonder what they were, and who would use them, but now I know about them, I don't know how I'd lived without them! Perfect for making my Goat's Cheese & Red Onion Tartlets.

Price: about £10

Fine Grater

Most kitchens will have a grater of some sort, but not like this one! I think this is perfect for grating anything from parmesan to nutmeg, and even root ginger and lemon zest.

Price: £15 for a good, fine grater

Kilner Jar

Great for storing pretty much anything, I find these handy little jars are a great way to present food as gifts, whether it's a Christmas chutney or my Chicken Liver Pâté. Just fill the jar, and dress with a ribbon!

Price: around £3 for small ones up to £50 for 1/2 litre

Pestle and Mortar

A good pestle and mortar needs to be really heavy and chunky, and be able to take a bashing. This way it does all the hard work for you! I think these look great in the kitchen, and are invaluable when anything from a Masaman curry paste to crushing black peppercorns or coriander seeds for seasoning.

Price: £5 - £140 - you get what you pay for!

Edible Glitter

You'll need some of this to make my Gold and Chocolate Truffles! It's fairly hard to find, but you can order some from Holly's Cupcakes.

Price: £3.50 a pot

Ice Cream Maker

It's a real treat to bring out some homemade fruit sorbet or funky flavoured ice cream at the end of a dinner party! These machines are excellent for a quick and easy dessert, and they make loads, so you'll have plenty sitting in the freezer for summer!

Price: £50 upwards