Fleur's Food is my place to store and share the recipes and meals I create. I've been cooking since I was young, because whenever I was misbehaving my mum would make me bake a cake to keep me out of trouble! Also, every Tuesday night was Dad's cooking night, and I was sous-chef. I think at the time he thought this was for his benefit... but looking back it was definitely for mine!

My cooking style is fairly modern, as I love to use gadgets to help speed up the process. However, I do like to make good old fashioned meals, something that everyone can enjoy.  I don't eat fish, as I'm rather fond of the poor little things, so you won't find any fish recipes here!

I love cooking for my friends and family, and they occasionally ask me for the recipes afterwards - so I decided to create this site to help them, and me, remember them. Some recipes are adapted from well-known favourites, and others are my own concoctions. Feel free to try them out, and please let me know how you get along! You can even send your own recipes in with photos and I'll add them here if they make the grade.

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